Anybody Home?

The return of the lost poet

After my last post on April of 2019 this website’s been dormant save for the occasional update on my bio.

So, what’s new? A lot, actually.

The big thing is that I’m trying to a launch a career in the field of journalism.

Growing up, I always thought journalists were just the people on TV who talked about the latest dangerous thing teenagers were doing or about the latest viral video like a seal wearing a wacky hat.

Until I met and starting dating a journalist, I didn’t know it could be so much more than that. That, when done right, it was about telling people’s stories; from the atrocities to the services being performed in our community, I know now that good journalism is always there to keep us informed of the important details going on around us.

So, that’s why I want to be a journalist. The road won’t be easy — I don’t have a degree in the field —but I’m not going to let that stop me.

Aside from this newfound goal, I’m also coming out with a zine with the help of my partner and generous contributors. I’ll share more details on Friday, but for now just know I’m excited to share it!

Lastly, I can’t say that I’ll update this website like I did last year, but what I can say is that I’m going to try and update this site once a month. For now, here’s a piece of prose I wrote that captures my new head space:

A Cabin In The Woods

My favorite thing about this cabin in the woods is how the night’s so dark like an astral child of a god finally picked up its room — save for the stars that are pieces for the next game of jack’s — and all I can do is wait and see if I might just be lucky enough to see them and their friends play a game of it. 

The stars rotate around me like I’m on one of the universe’s oldest carousels, letting me see the light of beings that have been here much longer than I have or ever will exist. 

I think how, despite these stars’ consistent lack of change, I’ve changed roles constantly like a member of a musical; I’ve been a photographer, poet, musician, psychologist, gamer, and a whole multitude of other cosmic personalities. 

I haven’t decided yet if these changes are a good or bad thing. Change is good, but it all depends on why. Are these pieces of who I am, or am I running from the person I have been this whole time? The boy who loved English but stopped because he told himself that made no money? The boy who thinks too much about mundane topics like “where do bugs go when it’s raining outside?” or “how do cats know how to use a littler box without any training?” The boy who wanted to be the next Stephen King and wrote a zombie story in 8th grade? 

It scares me because I know there’s a thinker inside me that has crazy ideas and has the follow-through to actually create something, even if it might cost time, sleep, and a pinch of my sanity. 

There’s a thinker in me that’s tired of Safe. Safe was good, but I’m sick of sitting in my apartment after work because it’s Safe. I’m sick of avoiding people because you can’t get hurt and that’s Safe. I’m sick of staying quiet because no one can correct you and that’s Safe. This thinker is sick of Safe and wants to be Alive.

This thinker has no allegiances to anything other than the desire to answer the odd questions in my head.

This thinker has been waving its hands at me like an air-traffic controller on the tarmac and I am finally ready to listen to his instructions. 

So, Mr. Thinker, what will We be this year?

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